Open Status Page

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Back in 2016, I spent a little bit of time working on a project for some friends. As part of that, I wanted to provide website status monitoring in an easy to digest format. I started out by trying out the New Relic Synthetics monitoring service, but New Relic seemed like a little bit of overkill for what I was trying to do - without the need for server metrics or application metrics, what really was the point?

I ended up leveraging Uptime Robot’s free service instead, which provided a really nice API that I could use to get information - and then just prettied it up, added some graphs, and added a Twitter feed to the page to make it easy to provide live updates in case anything broke. Everything worked pretty well and I ended up with a really nice looking status page that provides a good at-a-glance view of uptime for a website. Just set up a Twitter timeline to provide status updates, and it’ll feed right into the page! It would be very easy to replace this with the ingest of your choice, depending on how you like to do things - the page layout should be very clear from the code.

Unfortunately, after I put this thing together, I completely forgot to tell anyone about it - until now, anyway. Better late than never!

Anyway, it’s available on my GitHub, licensed under CC-BY-NC (must include attribution, prohibits commercial use). Feel free to check it out!