Photo gallery, part two – and other fun stuff

posted | about 2 minutes to read

Whew. That didn’t take long.

After my last post, I spent some of my spare timing coding a frontend for the picture viewer I was working on. In the interest of privacy I won’t post screenshots, but I would be happy to post the source code! Please feel free to suggest improvements as I’m new to PHP, but I think I did a pretty decent job for a beginner! I used Bootstrap for the styling, as you may notice from the code below, but despite the huge amount of styling that I didn’t use from the system I think it came out rather well with it.

One big drawback that I know this has is that it doesn’t generate any thumbnails – it’s a very slow page load without them, but I’m not sure how to fix that.

Before I do, though, I should mention that I did end up getting a Raspberry Pi! I had funds I didn’t know I had in my Paypal account, so I was able to afford a lovely Model B along with an SD card for it. (I’ll post pictures when I get it set up!) I’m looking forward to testing out Raspbian and either Serviio or Plex in the near future. (Any recommendations on which media server to use? Let me know!)

I also moved into my apartment. I really like it! There are a few things that I am a little bit behind on, most notably getting some lights in the main rooms (no overhead lights in the living room or the bedrooms – just hallways and bathrooms), but in general I’ve got it pretty livable now. Even managed to get my computer up on a desk instead of on the floor. I am, however, interested to see how my electric bill looks; I’ve been pretty good about turning lights/computer off during the day while I’m at work, and hoping to keep things at or under $50. Having the Pi should help, since I can use that as a media thing as well – we’ll have to see how that turns out!