One of my passions is designing websites that people can find useful while also being mindful of users' privacy. That means clean, navigable websites with no tracking or social federation.



FastInviter allows you to create and manage event RSVP’s without requiring you - or your attendees to create accounts. Just set up your event details and you’ll be given a unique URL you can share with your guests which will let them respond to your invitation. Even though you don’t have an account, you will be able to set a custom password to go back in and manage your account details.

Christmas List

Christmas List is an easy way to manage your family or friends' holiday wishlists. After you sign up and create your list, you can invite other people to view your lists by entering their emails. They can then reserve items on your list, preventing duplicate gifting - and, of course, you won’t be able to see what they’re picking so the surprise isn’t spoiled!

In Development


Ask is an eventual platform where people will be able to ask each other questions, either anonymously or under their own account.


ISBN2Dewey was a platform that allowed you to type in an ISBN and get the Dewey Decimal classification for that book. Useful for librarians and those that want to organize their own collections at home. The code got lost at one point but I’m working on rebuilding it.


Votefinder is a project that I maintain for an online forum community. It counts votes in forum threads and helps to manage games.